Sunday, September 13, 2009

reaching a little deeper............

I was so happy with my 4.8kg loss that I just sat there. Like a stuffed turkey. All smiley on the outside and content on the in. And then I got some stupid infection of the respiratory system and couldn't breath and now I am no longer content. I am constently reminiscing of times gone by when I was successful, but when I dig deeper, I was only ever successful for a limited time, or limited weight loss. I have never gone the whole way. I have never given up my fat cherry to the Weight Loss pork stick. And it is time. How do I know that it is time? Cos, if I am true to myself, I don't really like who I am. If you ever read Beckie, then you would know that she is a gorgeous piece of action in the same boat, and because of this, we applied for Biggest Loser Couples, but considering it starts soon, and we haven't heard, I am guessing that we didn't make the cut. So, that was kind of the final straw for me. I put all my eggs into one basket and begged for a chance. And now, I need to pin my hopes on something else. And I think that something else may have to

Hugs in the struggle.


Chris H said...

About time you blogged again! I thought you have fallen off the face of the earth... or sommit!
Bummer about feeling like crap.. and yep, it is up to you!
I am in the same boat... crap crap crap.
Onward eh?

Frankie said...

Hey there. Yep, only way to go is to just start doing it again. I know the stop/start thing. I did it myself. Lose 5kg..sit there for a while...lose a few more REPEAT (and half the time I put ON weight in the gaps). The cycle has to end somewhere and it WILL. You just have to keep thinking THIS is the time.

Tania said...

Oh if only it was easier to put those short term successes together for a string of long term ones! But you know what mate, I think we're still succeeding as long as we're trying!

And refresh my memory again about when you were gracing us with your presence in this lovely city of ours?

Dawn said...

How is everything going? You can do this!