Monday, July 27, 2009


I am over the moon! One of my really old childhood friends just rang me up and asked me to be the Godmother of her children! I feel so blessed by the ask! I *almost* want to listen to the scripture teachers @ the slogfest plaza (work) now! She has taken my spirits and lifted them no end. And, as she lives in Perth - I get to have a diiirty weekend away with Mr M!

Ps - I got up at 6am this morning and went for a walk! And now, I am going to do my Active session (30 day challenge). Today, life is goooooooooooood!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fursday Fweakout!

Every now and then I have a freakout. It is irrational and unstoppable and ugly. And it happened today. It happens when I feel out of control of the things around me. When I feel like time is running out. WHen I feel like I am powerless. I try to stop them from happening, but they tend to build up over time and run me over like a steam roller. Life should be easier than it is. Work should be less political. Music should be more enjoyable and less of a chore. Weight loss should be achievable. And my social life should be a little bit more than non-existent. Where did my life go?!?

Today's question - Who is your best friend and how did you meet?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My muscles are Wii-lly Wii-lly sore. Active Personal trainer kicks butt! And 3 hours of mowing/cleaning up Pa's house. Loving detox - and the headaches are gradually evaporating. I love my life in holiday mode and just hope that it all stays positive when I head back to work next week. Being fit and healthy does arm you for stress that may arise though. I need to keep me and my health as a priority!

Thanks for the comments/visits - I am such a bloody dufus sometimes!

Today's question - As an adult have you ever been your ideal weight?

As for me, I have been overweight forever. I can't imagine myself thin and find it difficult to think that it is possible for me to get there. But for the moment, I am going to fake it until I make it. If I eat well and exercise then I will be thinner and healthier and fitter and then maybe, I will be happy enough to see changes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

oh so ronery....

it is so lonely here at phat2010. Early stages. People unsure. Think I might kick them if they say the wrong thing. Seriously people, I am stable. Comment already!

I have some questions:

What is your most inspirational weight loss/fitness blog?

Actually, that is a biggie so I will save my other questions for a later day.

On the upside - mr motivation and I are doing a 30 day challenge in conjunction with our Wii active trainer. 30 days of healthy eating and exercise. I am also going to try 30 days without shopping! Seriously, I have TOO much stuff in my house and need NO more. God - I am cringing already!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I love the Wii! My sis bought Wii family games today and we had dinner and then challenges. I suck at anything that requires you to hold down the B and then release. We have also come up with the term, "that was wiitarded" and "you are a wiitard". I moved my coffee table to the side of the room to free up some floor space and said "hey sis! I have some wii space now in the lounge", hours later my little niece came up to me and said "can i play that new wii space game you have?" - so cute!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 3....

We are painting and fornicating at a r8 which would make a teenager blush! Fantasmical. I have energy. And a headache. But a headache is cured with mindblowing sex - which i am having, because I finally have some energy! Ride 'em cowboy!

I am not quite sure whether the energy comes from the detox, or from not having to work for the past week. Will let you know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I started a detox today. Not to lose weight per se, but to do something which increases my need to feel a whole lot healthier in my own skin. I had an avocado and salad wholemeal sandwich for lunch and just had a tomato based sauce on wholemeal pasta for dinner. I have been to the toilet 5 times already today! Seriously, I am a 7am poo girl. I never vary from that, no matter what I have eaten. I also only wee 3 times per day. Suddenly - I have Niagara Falls between my thighs. Crazy! Apparently this has effected my bilf too cos he just passed wind for the entire 10 minute Wii jog he just did. Charming!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello possums! Welcome to my journey from fat to fabulous. It has been quite a long one, but I am starting again here for numerous reasons. I hope that this time will be fruitful. I hope that this time I will be strong enough. I hope that this time I can put all that I have learnt thus far into place. I hope that old friends find refuge here and that new friends are many....