Sunday, July 19, 2009

oh so ronery....

it is so lonely here at phat2010. Early stages. People unsure. Think I might kick them if they say the wrong thing. Seriously people, I am stable. Comment already!

I have some questions:

What is your most inspirational weight loss/fitness blog?

Actually, that is a biggie so I will save my other questions for a later day.

On the upside - mr motivation and I are doing a 30 day challenge in conjunction with our Wii active trainer. 30 days of healthy eating and exercise. I am also going to try 30 days without shopping! Seriously, I have TOO much stuff in my house and need NO more. God - I am cringing already!


2010 said...

for some reason my comments weren't working (thanks for letting me know kristy) - i changed it to pop up window - hope this helps?!?

Frankie said...

yay I can comment! I've been trying to comment all week. Oops..I forget what i was going to say... he he...

Hmmm...I read so many blogs it's hard to pick which is most inspirational. I love them all for different reasons.

Chris H said...

I have tried to comment since you started blogging... Pfffft... so much time wasted! And I put an question for you on my blog days ago?
Who the hell are you?
Send me an email to let me know... Cos you are anon and I like to know who I'm reading!

Anne said...

My most inspirational blog would have to have been Helena's. At times she bought tears to my eyes. Sadly she is no longer blogging.

Lynda said...

I think I know who you are but feel free to give us a hint!!!

Rachael P said...

Hi 2010 - found your blog through Frankies. GO the Wii it is absolutly fantastic - Wii fit is even better you can even get a step for it to give you a better workout. And yes it makes you work a sweat up and you can keep track of your progress with your own Mii character and all the fitness tests on there.

Love how you've kept everyone in suspense of who you are, its great.

Happy blogging