Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My muscles are Wii-lly Wii-lly sore. Active Personal trainer kicks butt! And 3 hours of mowing/cleaning up Pa's house. Loving detox - and the headaches are gradually evaporating. I love my life in holiday mode and just hope that it all stays positive when I head back to work next week. Being fit and healthy does arm you for stress that may arise though. I need to keep me and my health as a priority!

Thanks for the comments/visits - I am such a bloody dufus sometimes!

Today's question - As an adult have you ever been your ideal weight?

As for me, I have been overweight forever. I can't imagine myself thin and find it difficult to think that it is possible for me to get there. But for the moment, I am going to fake it until I make it. If I eat well and exercise then I will be thinner and healthier and fitter and then maybe, I will be happy enough to see changes.


Kitty said...

believe in yourself, believe that you can be thin! if you keep going you will see changes, and then you'll start to realise that you are capable of it, if you work really hard and simply don't give up



Frankie said...

Is the active trainer the new one for the Wii? I just got that for something to do in the morning instead of going out in the cold shed. Haven't been able to drag myself out to shed yet though.

Hmm I have been what I thought my ideal weight was, as an adult, but I was skinny fat. It's always been a struggle though.

One day at a time and it can be done :o)

celtic_girl said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog.

I bought Wii Fit about 4 weeks ago, had 1 session and now it's a decorating item on my loungeroom now - ha!

As far as ever being at an ideal adult weight - yes, when I was 10 (How sad - boo hoo!)